Reflective Letter

The main thing I have learned from English 201 are how to write mini-ethnographys and natural science articles. While it was hard during the writing process and I did not write them as well as I intended to it was still a very helpful learning experience. I want to learn how to write in these styles better. The mini-ethnography topic piqued my interest the most out of all of the topics, I would like to further my skills in writing in this topic. In the future I would love to expand my vocabulary in order to make my papers sound and feel more academic, I would also like to experiment with different writing styles and not sticking to my comfort zone. I am most proud of my final project and the first unit project, I feel as if those pieces are the best in terms of quality and in terms of me understanding the topic fully. I struggled the most with mini-ethnohraphys and scientific articles, they were much harder to write than I expected. I wish I had dedicated more time towards this class so I can truly understand how to properly write those types genres. Overall I feel way more knowledgeable on the topics that were taught even though I may not have mastered them completely, I was still able to get something out of the lessons.