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Unit 4 Reflection

  1. I feel like I learned how to create a more professional scientific article but I’m still unsure about it
  2. I didn’t really know anything about this unit
  3. I’m still struggling with how to write a scientific article
  4. I was proud of my field notes
  5. I would probably make it more detailed
  6. my engagement would probably be a 5/10
  7. I don’t feel like I was successful in this unit, I’ve just been giving up in this class honestly
  8. I wanna leave behind my laziness and lack of effort when it comes to certain assignments
  9. My favorite unit was humanities criticism because I feel like I understood that unit the most and I feel like I did the best in it
  10. I feel as if this class was perfect and you don’t need to change much for next semester.

Unit 3 Reflection

  1. I feel as if I already knew a lot about this topic so I didn’t really learn anything new
  2. I already had a basic understanding on how to write a scientific paper
  3. I feel like I learned everything you intended on me learning
  4. My final project could’ve been stronger I wasn’t happy with the formatting
  5. Change the formatting to make it feel more like a scientific paper
  6. I would rate myself a 10/10 I feel like this unit was the unit that I was most engaged
  7. I did the same things I did in the last unit
  8. I don’t feel as if I need to do anything differently
  9. This class would be better if there were more examples for our weekly projects
  10. This unit was on the same level as the last unit
  11. I would like to further explore how to write better scientific papers, in terms of formatting
  12. I would like to know about the final project

Unit 2 Reflection

  1. I learned how to write an academic piece of humanities criticism, which I feel will be useful for me in the future
  2. I didn’t really know anything before this unit, most of it was new information for me
  3. I feel like I learned everything I need to know about this topic
  4. I feel like my final project was pretty decent in being an academic piece of criticism, at first it was hard since I had no idea what to criticize but after that it was very easy for me to do.
  5. I would definitely go more in depth with what I was writing, at-least make it a full page
  6. I feel as if I was fully engaged in this unit, I struggled to be engaged with the last unit so I feel like I definitely improved in my engagement.
  7. I checked the course website every Monday and planned what I was gonna do for the week which was extremely helpful
  8. I don’t feel as if I need to change anything for the next unit
  9. Maybe more examples would help with understanding the topic better
  10. I think you made the structure perfect for this unit
  11. I feel like this unit was way better, structure wise
  12. I feel like I wanna explore more of academic criticism so I could be better at writing it.

Unit 1 Reflection

  1. In this unit I feel like I learned about the language journalists use when using political bias, I obviously knew about political biases but I feel like I know a lot more about them and now when I read articles I’m able to distinguish the biases better than before.
  2. As I said in number 1 I learned how to distinguish political biases better than before.
  3. I feel like this Unit covered everything about news writing, I don’t feel like there was something that could’ve been added.
  4. I think my final project really shows bias really well, I’m proud that I was able to execute it really well.
  5. If I were to revise my final project I would definitely add more sources, I have French Bulldogs so I did everything from my own experiences instead of looking for actual sources.
  6. I would give myself a solid 5/10, last week I really wasn’t too focused on this class but this week I would say that I am more engaged than I was before.
  7. Last semester I had you as my professor and when we first switched over to online learning I was able to just check the course site on Friday and get everything done, however I learned quickly that this semester I couldn’t do the same thing so instead I started checking the course site right when you posted it and then planned out what I would do first.
  8. For the next unit I’m gonna keep on top of this course website because for this unit I wasn’t checking as much as I should have.
  9. I feel like everything was perfect, I don’t feel like anything else could have been added.
  10. I feel like making the YouTube videos explaining what we were gonna do for the week really helped and made things easier to understand
  11. Definitely political biases, I know I keep saying that but I feel like it was the most important topic for my day to day life.