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French Bulldogs: The Best Dog Breed on this Planet

French Bulldogs are hands down the cutest dogs that exist. Their scrunchy face will be sure to to brighten your day. But what makes them the greatest dog on this planet?

  1. They are extremely funny: Who would want a dog who doesn’t make them laugh from the stupid things they do? My own French Bulldog makes the funniest noises, she sounds like a gremlin half the time but I’m always entertained.
  2. They have no problems with small spaces: This is perfect for apartment living, they’re a small dog but they’re also very strong! A perfect combo if you ask me.
  3. French Bulldogs love people: You need a dog who is friendly with other people. How else would you have family and friends over? My French Bulldog gets so excited whenever she sees another person, even if they’re a stranger!
  4. They don’t need a lot of exercise: A lot of other dogs require so much exercise! Sometimes you just need a dog who will enjoy sitting on the couch with you and not need a walk every hour.
  5. They have a big personality: Sometimes they can be really full of energy and start running all over the house but in other moments they just want to sleep all day. They have a wide range of moods that will keep you on your toes!

Everything wrong with French Bulldogs

If you want a dog, don’t consider getting a French Bulldog. They are one of the worst breeds to have if you are a first time dog owner. French Bulldogs come with a lot of health issues due to their nose being squished as apposed to their noses being on a snout. Due to their flat faces they struggle to breathe, leading to many respiratory diseases experts say. Even the color of your French Bulldog can indicate how many health issues they can possibly come with (White and Blue are one of the worst ones you can own). Another reason French Bulldogs are not the ideal dog is because of their behavioral issues, if you have a 9-5 forget about owning a French Bulldog. French Bulldogs experience separation anxiety more than any other breed. Which can lead to them destroying the house and peeing/pooping all over the floors, or in the most extreme cases health issues can be developed from the separation anxiety. The last reason why French Bulldogs are one of the worst dog breeds you can own is their behavioral issues. French Bulldogs have to be one of the most stubborn dogs you could own. If you are walking your French Bulldog and decide that they don’t wanna walk anymore they will refuse to walk, and trust me trying to pull 25-30 pounds of deadweight is way heavier than you think it is. Not to mention how French Bulldogs destroy things on purpose for fun, they know it’s bad however they do it to get a reaction out of you.

French Bulldogs: Pros and Cons

French Bulldogs have their pros and cons much like every other dog breed. It’s up to the owner to figure out what they will or will not tolerate. It should be noted that not every dog breed exhibits each pro and con that people mention however it is very common for your selected breed to act that way.


Low maintenance: French Bulldogs have a short coat, meaning bath time only needs to occur once a month and since their coat is so short the drying process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. They rarely need to get their hair trimmed so that is also a positive.

They love to cuddle: Since French Bulldogs are so clingy it’s no secret that they love cuddling. If you want a pet to cuddle with you on the couch or at night in bed, French Bulldogs are perfect for that.

They’re Smart: You should have no issues teaching your French Bulldog a few tricks, they are really fast learners and will listen to you most of the time.

Good Around Kids: French Bulldogs are really gentle around kids, so if you have kids or are planning to have kids a French Bulldog will be perfect for them.


They’re expensive: Due to the high demand, these dogs can be priced anywhere from $4000-$10,000 depending on their color. If you are on a budget you will not be able to afford a French Bulldog.

They’re Stubborn: Some days your French Bulldog will listen and other days they will completely ¬†tune you out and not listen to your commands. If you want a dog who is really obedient French Bulldogs are not for you.

They Fart: Due to their highly sensitive digestive system they are prone to farting way more than any other dog breed. They really do stink, so if you would prefer that your dog doesn’t fart then a French Bulldog is not right for you.

Prone to Separation Anxiety: As stated before French Bulldogs are very clingy, this leads to them being prone to Separation Anxiety. If you aren’t gonna be home a lot then a French Bulldog might not be the right fit for you.

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