Unit 3 Reflection

  1. I feel as if I already knew a lot about this topic so I didn’t really learn anything new
  2. I already had a basic understanding on how to write a scientific paper
  3. I feel like I learned everything you intended on me learning
  4. My final project could’ve been stronger I wasn’t happy with the formatting
  5. Change the formatting to make it feel more like a scientific paper
  6. I would rate myself a 10/10 I feel like this unit was the unit that I was most engaged
  7. I did the same things I did in the last unit
  8. I don’t feel as if I need to do anything differently
  9. This class would be better if there were more examples for our weekly projects
  10. This unit was on the same level as the last unit
  11. I would like to further explore how to write better scientific papers, in terms of formatting
  12. I would like to know about the final project

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