Unit 2 Reflection

  1. I learned how to write an academic piece of humanities criticism, which I feel will be useful for me in the future
  2. I didn’t really know anything before this unit, most of it was new information for me
  3. I feel like I learned everything I need to know about this topic
  4. I feel like my final project was pretty decent in being an academic piece of criticism, at first it was hard since I had no idea what to criticize but after that it was very easy for me to do.
  5. I would definitely go more in depth with what I was writing, at-least make it a full page
  6. I feel as if I was fully engaged in this unit, I struggled to be engaged with the last unit so I feel like I definitely improved in my engagement.
  7. I checked the course website every Monday and planned what I was gonna do for the week which was extremely helpful
  8. I don’t feel as if I need to change anything for the next unit
  9. Maybe more examples would help with understanding the topic better
  10. I think you made the structure perfect for this unit
  11. I feel like this unit was way better, structure wise
  12. I feel like I wanna explore more of academic criticism so I could be better at writing it.

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